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Cabinets of curiosities were the precursors to today's museums. Their appeal for me is that they were eclectic -- you might find a mastodon bone next to a stuffed giraffe next to a human skeleton next to what was purported to be a unicorn's horn. We don't have many cabinets of curiosities these days (although The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles is carrying on the tradition), but we do have lots of fine museums both here in the U.S. and around the world. I used to be a docent in The British Museum in London and had a wonderful time showing people around the Africa and ancient coins collections. I remember working late one evening and finding myself standing alone next to the Rosetta Stone.

Later that night, I happened to walk through the hall where the mummies lie.

It's not often you get to go back in time. I got to do it twice in one day. That's why I love museums.
Here are some links to a few more of my favorites:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Smithsonian

I'd actually like to live in a good museum, so if any institution would like to have a broadcaster as a mascot, please get in touch.

Meantime, here is my mascot and teacher, the late and much loved Ella the Beagle.

Ella was a buddha beagle and her answer to the famous Zen koan known as "Joshu's Mu" was a resounding "WOOF!"
She was a wonderful friend and I miss her at least 20 times a day. I also miss this sweet girl:

Please give YOUR animal companion a hug for me.