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Sam Litzinger's Home Page

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(Telegram sent to FDR after one of his famous radio "Fireside Chats")

Your host

Sam has been a broadcaster for 40 years (and counting). He's currently working at CBS News as an anchor and reporter. He hosts and produces "Sound Sessions from Smithsonian Folkways", which  is available online. He's also working on a series of radio shows on the history of journalism for the George Washington University's Global Media Institute and the Newseum.

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Sam sometimes fills in for Charles Osgood on "The Osgood File" (click here to visit "The Osgood File" homepage). He's also a guest host on WAMU's "The Kojo Nnamdi Show" (although Sam is resentful of Kojo's clearly superior sartorial sense). 

 Sam hosts a show on WAMU 88.5 called "The Animal House", which can be heard on-air and online. It's now airing nationally on more than 30 public radio stations.
If you're an animal and would like to participate in the program but find it difficult to use a phone or a computer because you lack fingers, ask your human to help you.  
The show's resident vet is Dr. Gary Weitzman of the San Diego Humane Society. He does great work.

Sam also anchored and produced the weekly hour-long program "Politics: From the Nation's Capital", heard on Sirius-XM.  Sam also hosted and produced "From the Nation's Capital", a show featuring some of the most interesting places and people in Washington, DC (click here to listen to some "Best of" podcasts; click here to listen to an online stream).

Sam has also taught philosophy, worked as a grocery clerk, as a food server in a college cafeteria and as a caretaker at a small cemetery. Both his wife and his Afghan rescue cat Nimruz are smarter and more interesting than he is. Sam wishes someone would pay him to read books.

Nimruz in repose

Frank Buckles at age 16 in 1917
(Click here to see The Library of Congress Veterans History Project profile)

AUDIO: One of Sam's favorite interviews: a chat with Frank Buckles,
the last known surviving American veteran of World War I


A Cabinet of Curiosities


  I have too much stuff.

I realize this is a character flaw, but it's not as bad as some of  the others I have and I'm trying to correct those first. So the stuff remains. I can't bring myself to throw out my radio air checks from 1977 -- there could be an interview in there someplace that might be useful someday (although I did pose some of the stupidest questions ever, including asking vibrophonist Milt Jackson of the
Modern Jazz Quartet if improvisation was important in jazz. He actually gave a thoughtful answer as opposed to snorting and walking away, but he was probably just being kind to a kid).

The Modern Jazz Quartet

I also have shelves filled with books, as well as books in boxes and stacks of books that make the attic look like the Manhattan skyline. I've read a lot of them and plan to read the rest someday, so obviously I can't get rid of those.
 Then there are the "Power of the Press" Matchbox vans and the old radio ads from the 1940's and the Victrolas and the Tibetan tsaklis and the thing that may or may not be a genuine Egyptian shabti
figure which I'll almost certainly need in the afterlife.

a tsakli

a shabti

A great photo from The National Archives: Nixon inspects Elvis's cufflinks

AUDIO: Sam visits the National Archives, which has even MORE stuff than he does!

So, I have lots of stuff, some of which I'll store in Cyberspace where, I'm told, there's lots of room.

Until I fill it completely with stuff, more of which can be found on the following pages.